If you were wine….

Peg Breen: August 01, 201314 Comments

July was a blissful month.  I had the opportunity to take a vacation and one of the highlights was my visit to Chamisal Vineyards in San Luis Obispo.   This little piece of heaven lies between San Francisco and Los Angeles, in rolling vineyards that imitate the Italian countryside.

We drove up and opened our doors to a breeze that was “warm-cool.”  I’m trying to coin a new meteorological word – definition:  climate that is warmed by the sun to 69 degrees but cooled by the ocean breeze just five miles west.  It’s the kind of warm-cool that beckons you to an Adirondack chair to take a nap. The kind of weather than calms your mind, and raises your spirit.  The kind of weather that is absolutely not found in the Midwest where you either sweat or freeze.  You get the picture.

We ordered a wine flight and were delighted when we tasted a Pinot Noir called 8-N.   “That’s an unusual name,” I commented to our hostess.  “Is this a placeholder name?” I asked.   Sort of like naming a baby, “Baby Girl Smith,” just after the delivery and before you leave the hospital?   But our hostess explained that this wine was named after the exquisite little piece of soil that gave birth to it – 8 miles North of Chamisal Estate Vineyards.  How did it taste?   Conjure up the scene from the movie Sideways where Paul Giamotti’s character describes why he likes Pinot so much, and you can tell he’s really talking about himself. 

On the label, as if written by Shakespeare, is the description of 8-N:

 “This wine boasts of black cherry, raspberry compote and strawberry flavors, backed by supple tannins and salted dark chocolate on the sultry finish.”

As I sat under the orange awnings sipping 8-N, chatting with a friend and gazing out on the gentle curves of the vine-laced hills, I wondered what my label would read, if I were wine…Maybe this:

  • Wine: Cloud 9
  • Where bottled: Medical Center Drive Vineyard 
  • Type of grape: Pinot Noir 
  • Vintage year: 2013
  • Wine description:  This wine boasts of sweet and nutty relationships with friends and co-workers, robust and full-bodied work accomplishments, velvety smooth project implementation, backed by an earthy vision and mission.


What would your wine label read?  Reply to this blog with either your wine description (be sassy and creative to amuse your friends!), or name a wine that you enjoy the most, and we’ll enter you into a drawing for one of three wine and cheese baskets.  You might be lucky enough to win a taste of 8-N!

14 responses to If you were wine….

After a long time, I am truly

After a long time, I am truly impressed. I too love this thing. Without reading books, we cannot prosper. Laptops and iPad cannot do the job of books

After a long time, I am truly

After a long time, I am truly impressed. I too love this thing. Without reading books, we cannot prosper. Laptops and iPad cannot do the job of books

Bubbly Breeze

Wine: Bubbly Breeze Where bottled: Ocean Drive Type of grape: Pinot Noir Vintage year: 1945 Wine description: an array of sweetness as the cool breeze of the ocean hits your glass. Bubbles pop as you sip and you can't help but feel bubbly.

Glass Half Full

Wine: Glass Half Full Where Produced: C.S.U.F. Variety: A new blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Port Vintage: 2004 Description: Like a well balanced meal, the first course begins with the bold flavor of a Cab followed by the finale of a dark chocolate dessert. It will embelish the highs and lows of your palate to compliment any menu. It is versitle and unafraid to pair with any food, as it is always optimistic to create new opportunities. *Surgeon General Warning: Imbibeing of this wine may lead to cravings for Nutella, chocolate, and/or steak. Kim Rodriguez


Wine: Bliss Where Bottled: Open fields of Kern County Type of Grape: Lambrusco Vintage Year: 1982 Wine Despcription: Wine is of modest bottling but once opened, provides a unique and pleasant taste. Should always be accompanied with family, friends & great food for those special and meaningful moments. Wine originates from good values, hard work and dedication, should not fail to please. Enjoy! msanchez9@communitymedical.org

Right up my alley

A blog about wine! You have my attention (although most of yours do, you write about good stuff) Wine: Dream Girl Where Bottled: In the heat of the valley Description: A full bodied wine that goes down smooth but bold. This wine is nurturing to the soul but capable and strong. Unafraid to try new things but appreciates the simple things in life. Pair it at a candlelit dinner with a filet mignon or with an ocean view and single piece of dark chocolate. Enjoy with others or alone :) Type of grape: Cabernet Vintage: 1985 Personally my favorite wine for "everyday" sipping is Menage a trois or Apothic Red. Both are inexpensive but have great taste. Spinetta has a great wine and Del Dotto from Napa has some of the BEST wines. On my last tasting there, there was not one option that I wouldn't give high marks to :) Thanks Peg! Danielle Hester dhester@communitymedical.org

Wine Name: SassafrasGrape:

Wine Name: Sassafras Grape: Meritage (blend of cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot) Vintage Year: 2003 Where Bottled: Clovis Wine Description: This wine combines the power and backbone of the Cabernet Sauvignon with the softer tannins and earthy flavors of the Cabernet Franc. The Merlot adds a hint of pizzazz and fun to the seriousness of the Cabs. You will not be disappointed with this variety as it has well rounded character with a sassy flare. Sarah Anderson

Mountain Breeze

Wine: Mountain Breeze Where Bottled: In the Mountains of Yosemite Type of Grape: Cardinal Grapes Vintage Year: 2006 Wine Description: A True Mountain girl who could never leave. Always have something to do in here like Adventures in Yosemite,Star Gazing at night,Making S'mores and finding that Mountain man and creating a Beautiful Family with 3 earthy Children in 2006. Creating an abundant life full of Laughter,Fun and Family. Can't get any Richer than this.......... Submitted by: Anna Kurtley Oakhurst Community Medical Centers-Admitting =) =)

Pink Magnolia

Wine: Pink Magnolia Bottled: Gulf shores of Florida Type of grape: Muscadine Vintage year: 1981 Description: Imported to the Central Valley, this unique blush is sweet yet strong, with notes of Southern hospitality and a mellow finish. Excellent both when paired with a family dinner or enjoyed alone on a porch swing, this wine is reminiscent of a Gulf sunset with the scent of magnolias in the air. jdempsey@communitymedical.org

Sun Breeze

Truong Nguyen CIS Tnguyen7@communitymedical.org

I wine would be - A Red Blend Named - Villa Sense

This wine combines a variety of home grown Fresno nurishment, with a tantilizing aray of characters from around the world. An energetic wine featuring textures of sarcasm and hints of spice. Blends well in groups with laugther and enthusiastic converstaion. Recommended paring outdoors, with rich foods, candle lights and world music. Thank you. Raquel Haro Executive Secretary, CRMC rharo@communitymedical.org

Villa Sense

Loved your description! - Peg

Sun Breeze

Peg as I read your post I can envision your trip. Your description of the beautiful weather and relaxing atmosphere creates a vision of my wine.
Wine – Sun Breeze 
Where Produced - Where the sun warms the Earth and Oceans breeze tends to the delicate fruits of the vines.
Type of Grapes –Gewürztraminer -Vitis
Vintage – 1976
Description – Filled with Sweetness, Packed with energy, Grown and nurtured around family and friends. Solidly rooted with flexible and spontaneous vines that twist and turns where the winds of life guides them, holds an abundance of fruit, enough to thrive and share with friends. Flourishes best in full sun with gentle breeze. “SUN BREEZE”

Sun Breeze

Wonderful description. Please let us know your email so we can enter you into the drawing.

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