I love you

Peg Breen: February 14, 20136 Comments

Like other Community employees, this morning I was greeted by an email from our system CEO Tim Joslin, saying thanks for putting our heart and soul into the work we do in caring for each other and our patients. This message triggered endorphins in me.  I felt a burst of compassion, gratitude and pride. How many CEOs send a love note to their workforce?! So I thought- "Wow, I have to pay this forward!"

I started to use the power of the text message. (Would have tweeted but am ashamed to say I don’t know how!)

I sent a reply back to Tim essentially saying- "Right back at ya". I texted my team with Valentine’s messages and got a reply back from everyone. I texted some of my colleagues from across the county wishing them a Happy Valentine’s Day and mentioning the thing I valued most about our friendship. Then, I texted my son in Phoenix and his girlfriend Lauren in Lincoln.  I was on an “Appreciation high” and wasn't even spending cash on Hallmark cards. I called a florist in Omaha and sent my 91-year-old Mother a bouquet of flowers with a note that said "Love you forever". She lost Dad to cancer on Christmas Eve last year, a day after he told her "I was so lucky that you married me.”

Then, in the middle of my self-made love fest I received a text from a fellow employee who happens to be male.  It said, "I love you" and nothing else.  He didn't even temper the sentiment by saying "ya" instead of you. “Hum” I thought.  “Drats! Now I am in a pickle.” I felt this deserved a response that was tepid, measured, fully in compliance with the HLC policy training I have not yet finished. So I replied in a politically correct fashion saying, “Hey there, really glad you are a part of CMC!  Thanks for all you are doing.” To which he replied, “LOL!!  Sorry about that, I was writing my daughter Andrea!”

So, don’t let possible embarrassment, keep you from sending a note today and in the coming days to people who you love and appreciate! In fact, if you feel in the mood, reply to this blog and Multiply the Love!

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I love ...

First, I love this blog, Peg. Thanks for speaking from the heart and for making me smile (as all your blogs do). I'm not embarrassed to say I love Community and a big thanks to Tim Joslin for showing the love to employees -- a very nice, fun thing to do. And I love Community Regional --I love the people I work with every day and I love having a great boss who supports development, encourages creativity and genuinely cares about his people --thanks Jim VanDeVelde!

Love CMC

I love working at Community Medical Centers, thanks for sharing your funny valentine


I too felt honored to receive a valentines from Mr Joslin. I felt a certain amount of recognition through the receipt of the email. Many others deserve recognition from co-workers, managers, and staff that often go unnoticed. One such person is Twilla Maldonado. Twilla is adept as manager. Twilla brings a large amount of compassion and fairness in the exicution of her responsibilities. I for one would like to give a big valentines thanks to all she has done for me and for what I see she does for others.

This was a great read.

This was a great read. Thanks for sharing and giving encouragement in sending thoughtful messages to our families and co workers!! Brandy Bridges OCMC

This blog made me smile!!

This blog made me smile!! Thank you for all the ideas and encouragement to do something even though I may get embarrassed.

Don't you just love the word

Don't you just love the word love? I do! It has so many aspects to it. This week was not my best; it went wrong for me in so many ways. But I can definitely say I had a wonderful and fulfilling Valentine's Day! Delivered roses, ordered lunch for my family; and contributing to my baby brother's class party (which he was happy by the way!) and spent the night making a wonderful dinner for my boyfriend. It was bliss...oh how I loved it!

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