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Peg Breen: April 29, 201322 Comments

Last week I had an invitation from a colleague to go for coffee to discuss a couple of work topics.  Her text message said, “I found this new place and I really love it.  Let’s meet there”. 

Michelle Von Tersch, Communications at Kuppa Joy

It was Kuppa Joy in downtown Clovis.  After we ordered we eventually moved outdoors to a café table, sipping our expertly made lattes that, at second glance, were also pieces of artwork with small scrolled leaves etched into the froth.  The weather was low 80’s, with a bright blue, cloudless sky. As we sat in the sun and spread our papers across the metal table, it crossed my mind that I needed to pause a minute to breathe this in.   Was I experiencing calm, happiness, pleasure, joy or all four? 

I used to think that if I considered everyday experiences as joyful that I must be “dumbing it down.”  As if joy was reserved for an elite class of people, like the audience who won Oprah’s car giveaway, or parents who had just given birth to babies with ten fingers and ten toes, or Ivy League college graduates at the moment they toss their academic caps in the air.

English novelist, Zadie Smith, recently published an essay in the New York Review of books called “Joy”.  My opinion about joy, and the frequency of experiencing it, used to match hers.   She says that joy is:

“ …. that strange mixture of terror, pain, and delight. Until quite recently I had known joy only five times in my life, perhaps six, and each time tried to forget it soon after it happened, out of the fear that the memory of it would dement and destroy everything else.”  From the article “Joy,” by Zadie Smith

As for me, I’ve made a decision to change my point of view about joy.   Certainly I will never forget the feeling I had when I peered into the bassinet after my c-section, but I think joy is about human connection. It immediately becomes more plentiful when we take time to notice or take action to create these moments.   So yes, that Friday morning in the sun, with Michelle, chatting and sipping vanilla honey flavored espresso and milk brought me joy.

What is your “cup of joy?”  Tell us a story about a time you found joy at work or at home.  What difference does it make to those around you when you are capturing more of these rare moments for yourself?  Reply with your story and list your name to receive a copy of Dr. Tim Sharp’s book “100 Ways to Happiness”.  Or simply list your name along with the subject “Bring me a KUPPA JOY.” And, I will.

22 responses to Find your Kuppa Joy!

My Kuppa Joy

This is a thoughful blog and everyone's responses bring me to the present and make me feel joy. My found joy is when I connect with someone. Really connect and understand what is important to them and they understand what is important to me. Some could say it falls under engagement. Being present for myself and others sometimes requires focus and re-centering my self, but it is oh so joyful when it happens. Thanks everyone for sharing your joy in this blog. :) Sandra Hermans

My cup of joy

My cup of joy is when ordinary moments with my family turn into truly beautiful memories, ones that I want to recall vividly over and over. Life is absolutely about the little things! Thank you for the gift of an "ordinary" day! Rhonda Darnall

Giving & Receiving

There's joy in bringing treats for co-workers and also receiving something unexpectedly from a co-worker. And, there's a lot of joy riding to lunch in Rosemarie Garcia's limo on Fridays (while listening to a Barney CD).

My Cup Of Joy

My “cup of joy” after a hard day at work, is spending three days out of the week (sometimes a Saturday) and watch my grandsons play baseball and T-ball. Having their Papa (grandpa) and Tios (uncles) also be there and see a big smile on their face makes it even a better “cup of joy”. Being with my family brings me so much Joy and Happiness what other “cup of joy” could I ask for. Rosemarie Garcia SBO Quality Analyst

Bring me a KUPPA Joy

I love it when I can balance my work-life schedule. I need to have time to myself to rejuvenate so I can be more productive at work. Donnah Opelac 9-W

The Small Joys...

Often times, it is the little things for me that make all the difference. I am blessed to work with an incredible bunch of folks who routinely make my day. I routinely arrive at work making a mad dash to a meeting or appointment all focused, pre-occupied and sometimes a little stressed. Only to be greeted by everyone I encounter with a "Good Morning". Everywhere I turn someone is saying hello, asking how I'm doing, and exchanging various pleasantries. Pretty soon, I am smiling and taking a few extra moments to greet each of them in kind. I frequently think about how quickly I am able to let go of the task at hand for a couple of minutes to truly enjoy the opportunity to work with this great group of people who are the very reason I show up for work each and every day. Lynn Horton, Fresno Heart - HR

The Small Joys

Amen Sister!

Bring me a Kuppa Joy

My Kuppa Joy is when I get home every day my dog hugs me with all of his heart. And Yes, he truely hugs me. Dawn Webster

My Cup of Joy

My joy - was being able to touch my second Grandaughter, after 2 months of being in the NICU Dept at CRMC. Weighing in at 2 pounds and having her tiny little hand grip my finger was priceless. Words cannnot describe how wonderful the Unit, nurses, and Doctor's were. On my most stressful days at home and/or work, I go back to that moment and instantly "smile" ! JOY JOY JOY JOY E.Vargas

My Cup of Joy

Reading your post brought me a moment of joy! Thank you for sharing.

Bring me a KUPPA JOY

My Joy in life is my husband of over 40 years. He has been diagnosed with Dementia in the early stages. He makes me happy when he winks back to me and says that he loves me very much. I am planning on retiring early so I can make him happy and care for him so that he knows that he is loved.

Kuppa Joy at the Beach

Couple of weeks ago I went to Shell Beach (low tide) with my two sisters. We sat on the sand, collecting shells, polished glass and rocks. We didn't talk much but enjoyed the sounds of the ocean, birds and the peace fullness of our surroundings,nothing better. Cheri Dodd

My Cup Of Joy

My cup of joy was this last weekend at a wedding I attended. The wedding started around 6pm, my husband and I had a great time. But my moment was when we were leaving and walking to our car, I looked up and saw all the beautiful stars in the sky and my husband by my side. That was the moment where peace, joy, love and all of the above hit me, it was breathtaking. Naomi Villanueva

Bring Me a Kuppa Joy!

Joy to me is in relationships: first and foremost with the Lord! Once that is relationship is right, all others fall in place. I love those that I work with, though none of us are perfect. We strengthen one another as we stand with each other and help each other. I love the family feeling of our team, though it is large. Some of those moments are created when we are having our coffee! ;-) Kathy Ruiz

My Kuppa Joy!

Experiencing joy with the Lord who overflows it with love and compassion helps me to face each day. With so many different situations and personalities it is refreshing to sense the presence of the Joy you shared in this blog.

Bring me a KUPPA JOY

My cup of joy at work is knowing that my hard work and diligence pays off and helps our patients as well as my department. I am proud to be a CMC Employee! Melissa Mello Neuroscience Administration


When my family plans an outing, normally fishing, I always tend to think it’s going to be a disaster only because we have two children, 3 and 6. I’m always the one packing for everyone (because Daddy is packing the fishing gear), so that means, extra clothes in case the kids get wet, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, drinking water to keep everyone hydrated, food because hungry kids are the last thing I need. However, every single time, watching my kids bring me happiness and joy and all the stress in packing/prepping that day fades away. My son is older and very mellow versus my daughter who is too much of a tomboy. These two opposites make the perfect team though. Whenever my daughter falls or trips, my son runs to her rescue and helps pick her up. He always says, “Are you alright, Sister?” and she always replies, “Yeah.” And they go off and play again. Their bond and happiness is what really matters to me. It gives me hope that they will love and care for each other throughout their years. What parents wouldn’t want that? -Leah Vang x21831 Accounts Payable

Bring me a Kuppa Joy!

Most recently I went to Kuppa Joy with a fellow coworker after a night at work. It had been a busy night and we had a few things to do in the early AM so we set out to try their in house coffee. It was amazing, the taste, the atmosphere, the people, and the company as a whole. We laughed and talked about great things in life. It was a great morning and it is wonderful to share good times with fellow coworkers who eventually become our friends. It's the joy of life family, friends, and great times. Anna Castro 107761

My cup of joy

Tonight at work around my daughters' bedtime I made my nightly Facetime call to tell them I love them and say good night. My oldest is 5 and my youngest is almost 2. My 5 year old does everything in her power to keep me on the phone and my 2 year old kept kissing the phone screen. I almost couldn't hang up. Pulling myself off that call was so difficult. Cliche as it sounds nothing brings me more joy than those two little faces. Even in my darkest hour or if I'm sitting at work and need a little pick me up I just open up my pictures of them on my phone and swipe through until I feel better. There's no "cup of anything" that compares to their unconditional love and sweet smiles. Danielle Hester

Facetime Joy

Danielle - I loved this post. I could imagine the image just as if Apple had made a commerical of you and your kids. Thanks for sharing! Peg


My favorite moment was when I looked at the quilts at the Fresno Fair and saw a 2nd place ribbon on mine. Jumping up and down I called my father and shared the joy with him. Donna Boone


Congratulations on winning the ribbon! I know how many long hours go into make a quilt. This had to bring you great satisfaction :) Peg

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