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Do you like to visit haunted houses at Halloween, or put on a scary costume and roam your neighborhood collecting candy? Apparently lots of people do. According to a survey by TLC Discovery Company, over 85 percent of American families go Trick-or-Treating!

 A co-worker told me she likes to hide in a closet when the house is dark and leap out at her husband screaming Boo! Afterward they laugh hysterically while he threatens her with how he's going to get her back.

I listen to this and shake my head.  I wondered, why do people love to feel scared? So I did a little digging on one of my favorite websites called to find out…...

 Why people like to be scared?

 Addicted to the "Rush":   According to Howstuffworks, some of you are addicted to the adrenaline rush that happens when your brain knows you are actually safe but something scary is about to happen.  If you want to see a hilarious example of this, click on this YouTube clip  from the show “Ellen" where she sends her producer out to find the scariest haunted house in Los Angeles!  

 The Control Factor:  For others it's a control thing. C'mon know who you are!  Howstuffworks says, "By dressing up as our fears, we embrace them even more closely, taking control of them to some extent."  If I dressed up as one of my fears, I would put on a cockroach costume. Or maybe wear all black and carry an ice chest- because there's nothing scarier than driving on black ice in Denver.

Inhabiting a character is fun!: Putting on a mask can transform people. It gives us permission to put aside our normal inhibitions and be silly. Kids like to become their favorite superhero and parents like to magically turn their kids into perfect little angels -- just like the cutie who visited my 93-year-old mom at the nursing home last weekend.

I found out even more on this fun Halloween quiz. See what you know!

If you are dressing up for Halloween, REPLY and describe what you are dressing up as and why?  If you'd like to share a picture of your spooky night send it to with the subject line “Spooky Photo.”  We will be posting your photos on Instagram and will share the link via the Forum. Make sure to list your name and the names of the ghouls in your photo.

Happy Halloween to all, and remember- Life is short, so eat the best treats first!

3 responses to Boo!

Very Creative!

Love the squirt bottle idea to rain on people! You are the kind of talent that ad agencies look for! Happy Halloween

Halloween fun

I like to take the opposite approach when it comes to halloween. I like to make people talk, laugh and have fun. Scaring people can make some laugh but it can also cause nightmares and flashbacks for some. So, I take a different approach. I dress up every year and all of my costumes are home-made, and "pun" or a "play on words." Last year I was "cloudy with a chance of rain." I wore blue, used cotton balls to form clouds and carried a squirt bottle. Everyone that asked what I was got "rained on." This year I am a ceiling fan. I have a sporty outfit with a team hat and shirt that says Ceilings are #1. I think this way makes people laugh, and also makes people talk. They look at you and curiosity takes over them, they just have to know what you are. Scary is good, but I would hate myself for making someone cry, so I go with the fun approach...and it's cheaper too. :)

Great idea!! If I celebrated

Great idea!! If I celebrated Halloween that's what I would do.

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