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As I wandered through Barnes & Noble bookstore at River Park, I heard a parent say to her teenage daughter, “It’s summer!  Perfect time to pick up some new books to read.”   She punctuated the sentence with words that made me smile.  “Hurry up” she prodded.  But who can hurry when they’re in a bookstore?   Not me; And certainly not the 14-year-old who wandered off into the paperback aisle of romance novels.

My goal was to find a juicy mystery to read next to the pool.  I finally decided to go “old school” with one of the most recognized mystery writers, fellow Californian Sue Grafton  Ms. Grafton, now 72 years old, lives in Montecito and is famous for writing the “alphabet series” mysteries- starting with “A is for Alibi”.   I was intrigued even further when I learned that following graduation from college, she worked in healthcare as an admissions clerk and a medical secretary.  Interesting right?  Could it be that she found healthcare as mysterious and complex as, perhaps our patients do?

While I had experienced the admitting process myself when I gave birth to my son, I have to admit (no pun intended), I was clueless about how important this department is to our patients and to Community.  With a few visits and phone calls I found out some interesting facts.

Colonel Mustard in the ballroom with a candlestick
Our Clovis Community admitting employees from left to right: Max Melchor, Daniel Alaniz and Adelmira Maldonado.

Like the board game, our hospital system is complex enough to cause confusion unless a few “Clues” are provided and that’s where our patient reps come in.  David Arguijo, Director of Admitting at Community Regional shared that patients and their family members who arrive at Admitting often are under a great deal of stress.  They may not understand why they are asked to confirm information like address, and insurance details when they’ve provided this data before. With great patience and demonstrating superb listening skills, the patient reps convey that  “getting it right up front” will make things work more smoothly when the patient arrives on the nursing floor.

I also found out how critical the Admitting team is to our finances.  Daniel Alanis, the Director of Admitting at Clovis, told me that one of his superstars collected a $35,000 check on the spot from a Canadian patient.   This kind of diligence is incredibly important to Community, when you think about the $12 million in charity care that was provided to our patients in 2011.

And Then There Were None

Clovis Community admitting team from left to right: Angie Dorian, Adelmira Maldonado and Monica Espinosa

The phrase above is an Agatha Christie mystery title, but it also captures the spirit of the Admitting department at Clovis.  None of the patients who check in at Community hospitals leave without receiving expert guidance, service and support.  The people on our Admitting teams have unique skills that make them highly effective.  The roles they play include financial advisor, navigator, co-pilot, therapist, and I’m going to add this one myself because it’s pretty visual – spelunker (you know… the people who explore dark caves and don’t get lost).  

“A” is also for Amazing

We all know that we measure our patient satisfaction.  And you’ve probably heard the phrase, “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”.  So I wondered just how many great first impressions our admitting folks were making in a year and what I found out was jaw-dropping: 

  • Clovis patient reps had touched over 6,700 surgery patients, 23,000 Emergency room patients and 8,400 routine admissions. 
  • Regional patient reps have created great impressions with 6,000 outpatients, 77,000 Emergency room patients and 27,000 routine admissions


Community Regional's admitting team from left to right sitting: Tamara McIntyre, director David Arjuijo, Tony Quintero, (sitting) Jaime Arellano, Guadalupe Palacios-Gastelum, supervisor Elida Pacheco, Grace Anderson, and Pamela Michael.

Please take a second, if you know one of our admitting staff, and write a note of congrats here in the comments for the great job they are doing.  Anyone who does (please list your name so we can get in touch with you) will receive a $10 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble bookstore. 

(P.S. – You folks in admitting should feel free to congratulate each other! And thanks for your hospitality!)





65 responses to A is for Admitting

Employee Recognition

Thank you to my first three cash collectors that have already made their cash goal for the month of June: Olivia Marik Kenneth Harmon Victoria Villalobos We still have time to collect!!!! We can make our goal! Let's do it!! I want to recognize my 5, 10 and 15 years for their commitment to our corporation: 5 year: Lucia Artiaga Tina Deloza Francesca Eidson 10 year: Gloria Ochoa 15 year: Moua Her Juan Contreras Keep up the hard work CRMC ED!!!! Thank you, Chris Erisman


I would like to recognize all of the 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 and 5 year service award recipients for their hard work and dedication to our Admitting department. They have helped thousands of patients and families throughout their years of service and have been advocates in making their stay a more pleasant one! Thank you: Renee Santoyo, Isabel Cabral, Mary T. Valenzuela, Tamara McIntyre, Grace Anderson, Juan Contreras, Moua Her, Gloria Ochoa, Tina Deloza, Francesca Eidson and Lucia Arteaga.....Great Job for all of your hard work! David Arguijo

BIG Congratulations!

A great leader is also a great follower and knows that everybody counts. BIG Congratulations to a outstanding team! Adela Rodriguez - Recruiter

OCMC Admitting

I would like to Congratulate Reinna Garcia at Oakhurst Community Medical Center's. She is so Efficient and Patient and always has the Right thing to say to make our patients happy. Patient Satisfaction is her Goal and it is most definatley met. I thouroughly Enjoy working with her in Admitting. Thank you!! Anna Kurtley -Oakhurst Admitting

This is just what we needed

This is just what we needed to hear at OCMC..Thank you!!!!!


Your Team Rocks!!!

A Is for admitting

Marie Jaime you make such an impact on the admitting team it sometimes goes unrecognized. Thanks for your hardwork and determination. -dylan owens

admitting staff

Congratulations to all the great Admitting staff we have here at Clovis Community Hospital. We appreciate all your hard work. Lisa Wyatt

Admitting Finances

Way to go Daniel Alaniz, keep that money coming in! A job well done! Congratulations to you and your staff! Phyllis Lamberti

admitting staff

Congratulations to all the admitting staff on a job well done at Clovis Community Hospital.

Thank you Admitting!

My name is Chanell Marturana, and I would like to take the time to thank all our Main Admitting Departments and ED Departments at both our facilities. I have worked closely with many of the patient representatives, and their managers for almost 10 years at Community Medical Centers. I have had the pleasure of getting to know many of them on both a professional and personal level. They are an amazing group of people. Thank you for doing a great job, and keep up the amazing work. In no particular order:Marie Jaime, Lisa Wyatt, Dylan Owens, Phyllis Lamberti, Ken Coleman, Daniel Alaniz, Martin Perea, Christina Chavez, Lisa Nakagawa, Chris Erisman, David Arguijo, Arnold Tapia, Dawn Rusconi, and all the other amazing employees. Thank you!

Clinic/ICC Oakhurst

Our admitting staffs are awesome! They make our patients feel like family in our small community. Always helpful and smiling.....Rienna, Anna, Dena, Theresa, Debbie Molly and Janel. Thanks for all you do, Leslie Cowdrey


Congrats Renee Santoyo! You all deserve a Congrats for all the hard work you do! - Alicia Falcon

Patient reps

Patient reps are the doorway to Community. They are the ones that make sure the patients know their way into our 'house' and reduce the fear that can take hold of anyone coming into a health care situation, planned or unplanned. Congrats to all! - Donna Boone


Congratulations to our wonderful admitting staff at CRMC and CCMC! Each and every one of you have such an important role...without your help and attention to detail when inputting important patient data, we would not be as financially successful as we are! A special thanks goes out to Tami McIntire for being so friendly and helpful! Melissa Mello Neuroscience Admin

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