3 Things I discovered in my first 10 Ten Days

Peg Breen: April 03, 20124 Comments

In mid March I had the great fortune to join all of you as an employee of Community Medical Centers and wanted to take a moment to introduce myself via our wonderful on-line “Forum.”  As you know, if you’ve moved across town or across the country – moving gives you fresh eyes and helps you value both what you left behind and what you are going to encounter. Here are a few of my discoveries in the first two weeks:

Tim Tebow and I have a few things in common

If you follow the Broncos you probably know that Tim Tebow just decided to move east to play for the NY Jets. I guess I’m ok with it. As for my move – I also left Denver but moved west to Fresno and the Central Valley.  I have a wonderful family- 3 sisters and a brother and my parents, who are living well in their 90s. My son Patrick is graduating from college in May, and you’ll know if we stop in the hallway to chat, that I’m really proud of him. Like Tebow, I like to run the ball. It seems so does Community.  It’s a great honor to be in an organization that is both pioneering medical advancements and living the mission of taking care of the underserved members of our community.

Community is filled with Talented People:

On my visits to each of Community’s facilities, I’ve had the chance to meet people who are making a huge difference in our patient’s lives. I attended a Star-Award recognition at Community Regional and sensed a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm.  If they ever create a Segway Olympic event, I fully support Craig Wagoner entering!  I’ve had the chance to tour the beautiful Clovis campus with Tracy Kiritani.   It’s no wonder to me why everyone is bursting with pride at their growth. At Fresno Heart & Surgical, Lynn Horton showed me their state-of-the-art facility and when I shook hands with people they beamed. Why not? There’s a lot to smile about when you are delivering high quality care in an environment that has the service and feel of a Ritz Carlton.

Fresno is a great place (but I still need my GPS)

When I packed to come here I made a slight error and left all my sweaters behind.  Somehow I had visions of the show “Baywatch” in my head and didn’t realize the weather in the valley could get cold. I’ve explored Old Town Clovis, visited Woodward Park with my dog Sammy and explored some local restaurants.  (if you have suggestion on new places to try, feel free to send me a note). I grew up in Omaha Nebraska, which is about the same size as Fresno, with quaint antique shops and farmers markets on the weekend. They say change can be hard on people, but my move from Denver means:

  • I’ve traded a 60 minute commute for one that is less than 20 minutes
  • Gone from shoveling snow to buying sun screen
  • Switched from hiking trails in Boulder to hiking in Yosemite
  • And replaced cheering for Ralphie , CU’s mascot to being a Bulldog fan.


I am looking forward to discovering more about Fresno and meeting more of you in the coming months.

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hello peg

hello peg
could you please research community sick leave policy and tell us if it's fair that we lose all our sick time when we terminate or retire from community. i would like to know what your sick leave policy was at your hospital in denver.

Reponse to "hello peg"

Glenn,  I'd be glad to take a look at this issue.  What I'd like to do is move your question to the Ask HR part of the Forum, which is now titled Ask Peg.  It may take me a day or two but I'll definitely respond.
Thanks for all you do to create a positive, inspired environment on your team! 

starting in May, Old Town

starting in May, Old Town Clovis has a fabulous Farmer's Market on Friday nights...


If you are a fan of pizza, Me n Eds is by far the best pizza place in town. There is one in the Tower district (0live and Wishon ave) or the one on Cedar and Dakota. In the Tower district (where the Tower theatre is) you can also check out Roger Rocka's Dinner theatre or it's companion theatre Second Space. Both great live performance theatres.

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