Quiring pledge creates floor to ceiling upgrades

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A pledge of $300,000 from Quiring General will help Community Regional Medical Center pay for needed surgical department renovations.

Community Regional’s central surgical suites are among the oldest rooms in the hospital and 11 operating rooms needed an upgrade. Quiring’s gift helped with renovations like new LED lighting that produce less heat, new equipment booms with electrical outlets to keep cords out of the way and off the floor, surgical vacuums that attach to the ceiling and can rotate almost 360 degrees around the surgical bed and updated electrical wiring to create more available power.

Quiring General’s senior project manager, Mike Schussel, and president, Paul Quiring, stand in the new Hybrid OR at Community Regional Medical Center.

Not only will these upgrades create a whole new look, but they increase surgical efficiency and enhance quality for patients.

“It will make it so much easier for physicians to do work and more efficiently so there’s less time patients are on the table and they can be in and out and on their way to recovery sooner,” said Dru Walker, director of facilities maintenance and construction for Community Regional.

Quiring General, a company that specializes in construction of healthcare facilities, was established by Ben Quiring in 1947 and is now lead by sons Paul and Greg. It is in its sixth decade of service. Quiring is one of Community’s long time partners and has been involved in many construction projects throughout the system, including Community Regional’s first hybrid operating room/angiography suite – a high-tech operating room that makes it possible to do various catheterization lab and open surgical procedures in one room, eliminating the need for a patient to be moved and enhancing safety.

“We continue to invest in technology because we believe in providing the best possible care to our patients throughout the region,” said Craig Wagoner, Community Regional CEO. “We are grateful for the generous contribution made by Quiring General. It helps us to advance treatment and outcomes for patients with complex diseases and improves efficiencies in groups working together for a multi-disciplinary approach.”

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The upgrade to 2 Central

The upgrade to 2 Central operating rooms was good, all except for the cooling part of it. They needed to upgrade the cooling system. We get called there everyday multiple times daily because its to hot for the doctors. Is there something that can be done for the Doctors?

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