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What a moving experience to witness one of our OWN Community Regional Medical Center RN’s be crowned Fresno County Mother of the Year! Julie Christopherson, Labor & Delivery, was nominated by her family and rose to the top amongst many other strong nominees. I was privileged to participate on the selection committee.

Having never met Julie, I was blown away when I read about her. She ROCKS! She has six kids and four of her boys are Eagle Scouts. Whew!  I am so proud to know that the Mother of the Year works at Community. And, what better place but where women become new moms…

Katie Zenovich
Executive Director
Community Medical Foundation

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Julie is so wonderful and i

Julie is so wonderful and i am so happy she received this honor! She absolutely deserves it!!! Julie was my RN preceptor directly out of graduation for my first nursing job ever-- Labor and Delivery at Fresno Community. I will never forget what an amazing nurse she is and how blessed I felt to be taught by her

Julie is a very caring and

Julie is a very caring and hardworking L & D nurse and this award is well deserved. Congratulations, Julie, and I am proud to be working with you. You are great!!!! Krish Rajani


Thank you Dr. Rajani! After almost 30 years of watching you work miracles with the sickest infants in the valley, I feel honored to work with you! Not only that, but you are one of the nicest human beings I know! Hopefully we will work together for many years to come.

A Publisher’s Clearing House type surprise | Community Medical

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Mother of the Year!!!!

How proud I feel to work with someone as special as she is. Some as loving and kind hearted as she is desrves to recieve her praise as a very wonderful person. Congratulation Julie!!!! I Love You

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