Peters’ holiday gift ‘fit’ for everyone

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This holiday “season of giving” has delivered a huge surprise for all Community Medical Centers’ employees and physicians and it’s a present made possible in part by the Pete P. Peters Foundation.

After all the “visions of sugar plums” this holiday you can work off  those desserts and holiday meals at Community Regional Medical Center’s new fitness center on the first floor of East Medical Plaza’s medical office building.

For years, our employees and physicians routinely expressed strong interest in a fitness space and –Voila – next month a pretty cool fitness center opens equipped with all the elements to ensure a great “workout” in a modern space that would make any local fitness center proud.

We have many to thank but the late Mr. Pete Peters – who directed funds from the Pete P. Peters Foundation – was key in getting this project under way. Mr. Peters discovered the opportunity when a member of his board, Mr. Mark Ruof and Dr. Jeff Thomas, chatted about the advantages a fitness center would bring to enhancing the experience for physicians.  The concept grew into something much larger when Community Regional leadership recognized the benefit a fitness center would mean to all employees.

As Community explores more ways to re-invest in the “well being” of its people who make all our hospitals and facilities a special place, we now look to the opening of the fitness center as a powerful example of that commitment.

The Peters’ gift for the fitness center will promote the health and wellness of our staff and physicians for years to come. Please join me in thanking the Pete P. Peters Foundation and our leadership for their vision.

Thank you.
Robert V. Saroyan
Vice President
Community Medical Foundation


5 responses to Peters’ holiday gift ‘fit’ for everyone

A huge thank you to the Pete

A huge thank you to the Pete P. Peters Foundation for this very generous gift!


I would like to know when we can start working out?

A huge thank you to the Pete

A huge thank you to the Pete P. Peters Foundation for this very generous gift! It is much appreciated.

Thanks to CMC for a great

Thanks to CMC for a great benefit for the staff. Thanks for thinking of us and our health.

Fitness Center

I think a fitness center is one of the nicer things done for the employees. Some may grumble about different aspects, but being a hospital employee for over 40 years,I believe this is a long time coming and only hope all employees will take advantage of this wonderful gift.

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