Our Physicians and their 'joy of giving'

Gifts Make a Difference Blog Editor: March 25, 20140 Comments

National Doctors’ Day is March 30 – so I’m spending time thanking so many of the physicians who make Community Medical Centers the very best it can be! Join me, won’t you?

Find that physician who you work with side by side in the emergency department or one you assist in our NICU. Don’t forget our pathologists who may not necessarily be face-to-face with patients, but who work tirelessly every day to keep their patients and our community healthy.

Outpatient Radiology at Clovis Community Medical Center say "thank you" to their docs.

We are so fortunate to have some of the brightest, highly skilled physicians in the country right here in the Valley. We all know a physician is held in high esteem as a healer, a trusted confidante and patient advocate. Even with today’s medical technology and advanced medical science, the patient-physician relationship continues to be the fundamental principle of medicine. The “joy of giving” starts here – the physician giving their compassionate care to those who need them.

We at Community are doubly blessed for the “joy of giving” through the generous philanthropic contributions of our loyal physician community. Many of our doctors are donor-investors who believe and support our mission through contributing to the area of need they are most passionate about. Over the years, millions of dollars have been generously donated by these dedicated women and men.

Can you imagine the differences and the lives touched because of their gifts? Some of these service areas include surgery, radiology, anesthesiology and cancer. Just think of the hundreds if not thousands of patients treated in trauma, burn, dental, vision, women’s and children’s, neurology and cardiology helped by their giving through the years!

Physician giving helped us build the trauma and critical care building, expand at Clovis Community, and build Terry’s House. They were there for us years ago when Community Regional’s 5-story and 10-story needed funds to build those earliest of “bed-towers.” And the list goes on…
So, send a card, email, shake a hand or give a hug…not just on March 30 but before and after that day. Heck, let’s do it each and every day. Our physicians should be celebrated 24/7, right?

Jan Paul
Donor Relations Officer
Here are some more photos saying thanks to our Doctors... more coming soon on this year's Doctor's Day video!

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