Loss of a Remarkable Clovis Icon

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Just heard the news about Bill Mc Farlane’s passing. Although it may have been time for him to go, Clovis and our world lost an icon.  Bill Mc Farlane will long be remembered as a pioneer and one who shaped a piece of our local history. We at Community, as well as many others, are grateful for his wisdom and generosity. 

I am sure he was very proud of his children - I often thought he must be an amazing person to have raised such a capable, smart and caring daughter like Sayre Miller.  She participates on our Clovis Community Development Council (CCDC) – that works to generate support for the Clovis Expansion.  She is a bright, dedicated, capable person – and a strong supporter.  We are fortunate to have her involved.

Bill Mc Farlane was an outstanding example of caring for his community by giving his time and hard-earned dollars. His family named Clovis Community Medical Center as one of the recipients of remembrances in his honor if folks are inclined to send them. 

…Still giving.  How remarkable.  Mr. Mc Farlane and his family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Katie Zenovich, Executive Director, Community Medical  Foundation

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Loss of a Remarkable Clovis Icon | Community Medical

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