Leon S. Peters board sees gifts in action

Gifts Make a Difference Blog Editor: June 23, 20140 Comments

We had an unprecedented visit from the Leon S. Peters Board last week.  Nearly all the members of the board spent three hours of their time touring Community Regional. Jan Paul and I co-hosted. The intent was to physically show them how their philanthropic dollars are making an impact and give them a glimpse of some things we are looking to do next. They were totally engaged and thoroughly impressed the entire time.

Starting with Terry’s House – they met the team and Terry's House Executive Director Christa Short, who effectively presented the capabilities of the House and explained exactly how the Peters Host Family Program helps families who cannot afford the cost of their stay.

We shuttled to Community Regional Medical Center where Bruce Kinder, associate administrator, met us and took them through the Level 1 Trauma Center and the Emergency Department. Bruce is such an amazing wealth of knowledge and experience – the volume of patients we see and the facilities blew their minds. 

From L to R: Kenneth Peters, Katie Zenovich (me), Dennis Peters, Craig Apregan, Ron Peters, Bruce Kinder, associate administrator, Jan Paul, donor relations officer, and Mark Ruof on the helipad.

Next, we went up to the helipad on our roof to get an essence of how helicopters transport critical patients, over to the Leon S. Peters Rehabilitation Center where Virginia O’Connell, manager, inpatient rehab administration, Jeff Di Marco, R.N. and referral activities coordinator for Community rehabilitation services, and the team showed how they work with patients. We then shared a video of two-year-old Alan who was hit by a car – a miraculous neurosurgical/physical therapy case. You can see Alan’s story too.

Then over to the Leon S. Peters Burn Center where they got a feel for the highly skilled expertise only available at Community Regional.  And then to the NICU, where Dr. Krish Rajani was able to amaze them with the capabilities in our Level III NICU – and how important it is to keep moms and babies together. 


From left to right: Dennis Peters, Kenneth Peters, Jan Paul, Katie Zenovich and Ron Peters all had a chance to "suit up" to tour the labor and delivery surgical suites.

Our last stop was with Kristi Hartway, director of Women and Children’s Services. She had everyone dress in blue bunny suits and walk into the Labor and Delivery Operating Rooms. They are clearly in need of updating, as are all of the patient rooms on the 3rd and 5th floors. The Leon S. Peters Board was very interested in seeing that this be a priority and asked many good questions.

We shuttled back to Terry’s House where they raved about their visit and thanked us profusely…And we were thanking them! 

Even after that, we were proud to have Kenneth “Butch” Peters stop by the Leon S. Peters Rehabilitation Center for a demo of a new technology – a bionic exsoskeleton – which would help those who have had an injury or illness that prevents or impairs their ability to walk. Watch one of our physical therapist demonstrate what it was like to walk in someone else’s footsteps

Fulfilling the vision and legacy of Leon Peters, this group of family members who make up the Leon S. Peters Board, continue to make donor-investments in Community and without them, many amazing things would not otherwise have been possible. We are so grateful. And, we are so glad they made the time for the visit.

Katie Zenovich
Vice President, Corporate Development 




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