Fresno has Heart… and Lung!

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I just concluded a great meeting with one of the nation’s most progressive heart / lung specialists and our CEO of Fresno Heart and Surgical Hospital, Wanda Holderman. It is amazing to see what we actually have and are doing right here in Fresno.  There is absolutely no reason people should feel like they want to seek heart or lung surgery outside of the area.  We have the best facilities, experts and technology – not to mention amazing and caring staff.  It gives me confidence that there is no doubt donors will find our plans and Wanda’s vision a very worthy investment.  Another step in bringing world-class medical care to California’s Central Valley!  If you'd like more information on how you can help support the wonderful work and vision at Fresno Heart and Surgical Hospital, please send me a text at

By Katie Zenovich, Executive Director
Community Medical Foundation

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Hi Peg, Great article! very nice compliments for the Heart Hospital, we sure appreciate that. I'm so proud to say I work here at the FHSH and that's largely because of our boss's. Wanda is an amazing woman and we love having her as our CEO. It starts at the top in any organization but she exceeds with us. Lyn Horton and my boss Sherry Ray are amazing as well. I look forward to your visit here, hopefully it's soon. Have a blessed day! Patricia Pasco

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