Fitness Center – Pete P. Peters Foundation’s Sneak Peek!

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On Monday, Jan. 20, a few of us from Community took Pete P. Peters Foundation member Mark Ruof and his wife Diane for a sneak peek at the soon-to-be-open Community Regional Fitness Center – all made possible with the help of the Pete P. Peters Foundation. We had a great time visiting the center with Medical Staff President Elect Dr. Jeffrey Thomas, Community Regional CEO Jack Chubb, COO Craig Wagoner and the Community Medical Foundation’s VP Rob Saroyan.

L to R: Dr. Jeffrey Thomas and Mark Ruof test the machines at the new fitness center

The equipment is in, locker room completed, and just the right music overhead to inspire all gym attendees to work out!

As we spent time looking over all the wonderful amenities our Community Family will enjoy, we were drawn to the wide open glass windows that face the early days of Community Regional – the Annex building where this campus began. It made us think of “Uncle Pete” Peters who was always looking for ways to help out the Community Family he loved so much. Pete was excited to be a part of this center that would make a difference in the health of all who spends time here for years to come.

Like the message at the center entrance states, “Balancing work and life for a healthier you” is a gift to everyone who works here. We are all looking forward to the opening on Jan. 27!

Again, kudos to Dr. Thomas and Mark Ruof of the Pete Peters Foundation for their vision and startup gift to move this terrific project forward.

Jan Paul
Donor Relations Officer
Community Medical Foundation

Taking a sneak peak of the gym included L to R: Mark Ruof, Jack Chubb, Diane Ruof, Dr. Jeffrey Thomas, Rob Saroyan, Jan Paul and Craig Wagoner



11 responses to Fitness Center – Pete P. Peters Foundation’s Sneak Peek!

Perfect Fitness Equipment

There are different types of fitness equipments of exercising depending upon the person requirements, such as treadmills, cross trainers, exercise bikes, steppers etc. Among all these fitness equipments treadmill is the best and commonly used fitness equipment for reduction of weight and toning of the body.

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Love our new gym, all the different equipment and the help that has been made available for our workouts. The only thing I request is that maybe we can get numbers put on all the lockers in our dressing rooms, so we donn't have to count each locker to figure out were we put our cloths. Thanks again for the wonder workout place.

We need to be fit and healthy

We need to be fit and healthy in order to tackle the difficulties in the future. In the office break we can take some exercise.


I love the gym, and the staff were very helpful in explaining what equipment would be helpful to my work out. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift.

Gym Equipment

Hello, I was wondering if the gym will have a punching bag for cardio workouts? thank you

Gym equipment

Thank you for your inquiry on the punching bag.  We’ll pass along your suggestion to the Fitness Center manager and feel free to ask about it the next time you workout.

membership for fitness center?

Hi, I wanted to know, how do we get membership for the new community fitness center? Do we scan our badge when we go or do we have to fill out a application for membership?

Membership for fitness center

Thank you for your interest in joining.  Please see the FAQ sheet addressing the enrollment process by clicking here or logging onto the Forum and clicking on Community Wellness under the Corporate Initiatives tab. 

Thank You So Very Much

I am soooo looking forward to the fitness center..Thank All of you who made it happen, working twelve hour shifts and working two jobs, make it difficult for me to attend the center I am paying for. So having one here at community will allow me to return to a healthier and happy lifestye.



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