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Gifts Make a Difference Blog Editor: March 24, 20140 Comments

On Saturday we held our second FIVE 4 FIVE donor appreciation event and it was awesome.  It was our opportunity to thank donor-investors who have stepped up when we asked for support for Clovis Community Medical Center – their doing so means the world to us and our patients.

I’ve had the pleasure of coordinating the FIVE 4 FIVE fundraising campaign chaired by Craig Castro, Clovis Community’s CEO.  Our Clovis Community Development Council, a volunteer group chaired by Walt Reinhardt, works to generate philanthropic support for the hospital and facilitates our FIVE 4 FIVE campaign. With this campaign, donor-investors are invited to support Clovis Community with $25,000+ gifts.  They can be made via 5-year pledges of $5,000 per year. The goal is to achieve 40 commitments annually and raise $1 million for the medical center.

L to R: Jan Paul, donor relations officer, Alex Perez, manager and Katie Zenovich (me), VP corporate development, representing Community Medical Centers Foundation at the FIVE 4 FIVE event.

Participants are invited by word-of-mouth. No marketing materials are circulated.

Since we started the FIVE 4 FIVE campaign last year, we have raised more than $1.1 million in gifts and pledges!

Thank you to all our fabulous donor-investors for your gifts to support Community; they really make a difference!

FIVE 4 FIVE contributions have helped with our Clovis expansion as well as a service we strongly believe in – Palliative Care – a unique and compassionate way to treat patients with life-threatening conditions. Dr. Dineshi Liyanage and our care team specialize in providing palliative care when patients and loved ones face a life-threatening illness.

The team optimizes each patient’s quality of life by expertly managing care options, expectations, pain and other symptoms, while helping with communication, psychosocial and spiritual needs.  Donor-investor dollars have contributed in the following ways:

  • Treated more than 200 patients last year – up 60% from 136 last year
  • Recruit and pay – dedicated palliative care registered nurse, chaplain, and in the progress of adding a social worker

Under Craig Castro’s leadership, Clovis Community has seen significant changes over the past eight years. We are entering the final stretch on our expansion and people who come to Clovis Community will now have a hospital experience like no other.

Clovis administration has paid careful attention to what our physicians, staff, patients and visitors said and wanted in order to design a campus with amenities that transform the patient experience. 

From the latest in technology to the beautifully landscaped campus, Clovis Community continues with its tradition of excellence while serving the people of our region.

L to R: Lynn Mackey, executive assistant, Katelyn Ashton, development officer, helping all our guest have the true  "FIVE 4 FIVE experience." 

Donor dollars have helped bring about many great things.

Like our all-private rooms in the newly opened 5-story bed tower. Clovis Community is the only comprehensive hospital in the area with all private rooms.

And, what do you think of our newly opened H. Marcus Radin Conference Center?  Situated at the entrance of our medical center campus, it is a state-of-the art center that will be used to educate and convene medical professionals and staff for decades to come.

Clovis has grown from a small hospital in the middle of an orange grove to one of the most unique medical campuses in the nation – fueled by support of donor-investors, like you.

We are focused on making sure we meet the healthcare needs of Valley residents for years to come. We are truly transforming the patient experience at Clovis Community, and I am thrilled to be a part of it!

Katie Zenovich
Vice President, Corporate Development
Community Medical Centers

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