CMI Radiology Group giving exceeds $1 million mark

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For more than a quarter of a century Community Medical Imagining (CMI) Radiology Group has supported Community Medical Centers and is one of only two physician groups in the region to reach the hospital system’s lifetime giving level of $1 million and become part of Community’s Leon S. Peters Society.

“We feel it’s important to support the hospital…for us it’s a legacy of giving, we do it every year and we are going to continue with that,” said Dr. Susan Barrows, medical director for Community Regional Medical Center’s medical imaging.
CMI provides medical imaging services to all three of Community’s acute-care hospitals – Community Regional Medical Center, Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital and Clovis Community Medical Center. It also owns and operates two of Fresno’s largest outpatient imaging facilities – Advanced Medical Imaging and California Imaging Institute.

With help from CMI, Community’s imaging departments are equipped with some of the latest technology, including the Valley's only outpatient interventional lab, ultrasound, low dose CT scanning, and MRI SPECT/CT or single photon emission computed tomography scanning for nuclear medicine, which helps physicians pinpoint abnormalities.

From left to right are Dr. Susan Barrows, Dr. Frank Chang and Donna Mora, representing 30 physicians and 28 partners who helped CMI Radiology group give more than $1 million for medical imaging throughout Community Medical Centers.

 “Technology is so expensive …we can only do so much upgrading with software before you just need a new machine. It’s going so fast and unfortunately there isn’t anything in radiology that is cheap,” said Dr. Barrows.

CMI contributes for many reasons – whether it’s to help pay for technology or to support hospital needs that “really serve everyone,” said Dr. Barrows.

The group has 28 partners, 30 physicians in total and is led by the group’s Managing Partner Dr. Frank Chang, Medical Directors Dr. Susan Barrows and Dr. Judy Champaign, Chief Operating Officer Donna Mora, and, serving Community as medical staff president, Dr. Chandra Venugopal.

To support the radiology needs at Community with a contribution, please call Community Medical Foundation at (559) 459-2670.

One response to CMI Radiology Group giving exceeds $1 million mark

CMI radiologist

Thank you CMI radiologist! We appreciate the opportunity to work on the best equipment money can buy. I have personally worked with this group from the start and they have been nothing short of fantastic.

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