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Gifts Make a Difference Blog Editor: August 20, 20144 Comments

“I took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for a family member and my good friend Brian Laird who we lost to ALS in 2012. Before he died Brian and his family established a fund at Community Medical Centers called “The Laird’s Gift” that helps patients with ALS and other neurological disorders.  In honor of Brian, I directed my support for ALS to help patients here where I work.

I made my own challenges to people on Facebook to support this fund. Take a look at the Laird’s Gift if you also want to join with Brian and his family helping so many in our Valley.” 

Katie Zenovich
Vice President, Corporate Development
Community Medical Centers


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ICE bucket challange

What I feel is that everyone is wasting on water for fulfill ice bucket challege. I would rather donate money for the cause

ALS Ice Bucket Challange

My niece in Branson Missouri has put out a challenge to family members, and rather than using water, she bought 2 liter's of cheap soda, and halfway froze them. The act of dumping the sugary, ice cold soda over your head makes the challenge more effective.

Ice Bucket Challenge

Great job Katie! My cousin, Lorri Knox Carey (please see her video on her Facebook page), has taken her battle of living with ALS, and made it her mission to raise national awareness and funding for research. My cousin is a 10 year survivor, and is our family rockstar! She challenged our Lopez family this past weekend, and we accepted! Twenty four 1st and 2nd "West Coast Cousins" heeded to her ice bucket challenge, AND donated to ALS! Let's keep the awareness and donations rolling!

We're in a drought. There

We're in a drought. There hasn't been much rain all year. This is a waste of water. Why not do something else or just donate.

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