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Often times parents share stories about when their children were born, but when an adopted son asked his mom about his birth – she didn’t have a story to tell.

That’s where we stepped in. This mother has four children and one son was adopted at the age of 2 from a foster home. Now 4-years-old, the son is curious about where he was born and what it was like. Hoping to create some memories like she had for her other children, she turned to us for help.

Since she knew he was born at Community Regional Medical Center she asked for some pictures of the hospital’s baby bed, the room and other places in labor and delivery to share with her son.

I was happy to help. I reached out to the labor and delivery supervisor and nurses, whose hearts went out to this wonderful mother trying to help her son. The team was so gracious and we were able to create a little memory for this child to have. I came in and took pictures, they gave me a birth certificate that the mother could fill out and frame, and even included a little hat and shirt that babies receive when they are born at Community Regional.

When I gave all this to the mother she was so happy and thankful for all the help she received. Now, she is able to show her little boy where he was born and help him feel like part of the family.

Thanks team!

Cathy Hendrickson
Development Coordinator – Special Friends
Community Medical Foundation


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Things like this done by our

Things like this done by our staff is what makes it easy for patients and their families to cope with certain situations and periods in life. Thank you for all you do!

Great story!

What a great story. Thank you for sharing. This is just one of the reasons community is a great place to work!

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