A Symbol Of Growth

Craig Castro: July 16, 20121 Comments

The planting of a tree is almost a spiritual experience because it symbolizes and celebrates life, hope, growth and continuity. Clovis Community recently made a historic mark on the landscape of its ever-changing campus by planting a lone Southern Live Oak tree.

The oak tree was planted just north of the new 5-story bed tower in a brand new courtyard area that is expected to be completed in late August. The Southern Live Oak tree was the perfect choice to help create an atmosphere conducive to serenity and reflection. It has long been a symbol of strength, cover, security and permanence.

As the Clovis campus continues to grow and put down new roots, we will make sure to nurture and care for the gifts we have been given. And, we'll diligently work to create an atmosphere of healing - for our patients, physicians, staff and volunteers and for anyone who visits our growing campus.

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A Symbol Of Growth | Community Medical

“A Symbol Of Growth | Community Medical” was in fact genuinely compelling and educational! Within the present day world that’s very difficult to achieve. Thx, Lucinda

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