Outstanding Clovis Community Caregivers = Grateful Patients!

Craig Castro: December 14, 20110 Comments

Here are some excerpts from an e-mail we received from a recent patient who came in through Clovis Community Medical Center's Emergency Department in December.  It is with great pride that I am able to share what it means to have OUTSTANDING CAREGIVERS who believe in going above and beyond to provide exceptional care.  This is being shared with the patient's consent.

"From the time I met with the woman who helped me with my first round of paperwork, until I happily met the nurse who had me sign out late Wednesday afternoon, I could not possibly have expected or anticipated the incredibly high level of professionalism, skill, and caring that your staff showed toward me."

"I was treated with the utmost of care by every single member of the nursing staff.  The ER nurses helped me laugh and forget about the increasing pain ... The woman who did an ultrasound exam ... I got pain meds quickly... I was offered a warm blanket.  I was given a pair of warm socks to wear.  My IV's were connected with care and the numerous blood samples were drawn so well that I can honestly say I felt little, if any, discomfort.  There were numerous small gestures of caring, and they all added up to one, large, impression on my head and heart. 

"Every member of the nursing staff made sure I knew they would get anything and everything I needed, and I could tell they each meant it.  If I needed help, they were there within seconds.  When I needed a shower ... arrangements were made to allow that.  The moment I was approved for clear liquids, they appeared at my bedside."  

I spent Sunday through Tuesday on the 3rd floor, Tuesday night through discharge on Wednesday late afternoon on the 1st floor.  The staff members on both floors were just amazing.  Even the student nurses were kind and caring, and I could see they were interested not just in getting things right, but also in my comfort.

Although "Alex", who was my nurse for much of my time, impressed me with several things he did for me, one small act of kindness really stands out.  I was moved from the 3rd to the 1st floor after he had left for the day.  He was off work the next day and told me he'd be in to work with nursing students.  He made sure he found my new room to say "hello" and to introduce me to the student who would be working with me that day.

In the end what really matters for any of us when the unexpected comes calling is how we take away the good and leave the bad behind.  Your nursing staff helped me turn a bad health situation into one of comfort, reassurance, and one where I felt cared for and respected.  I have few hospital experiences to use as comparison (thank God) but I am quite confident in stating that I unequivocally believe there are few, if any, nursing staffs that can measure up to the exceptional standards I saw the staff at [Clovis Community] meet and exceed every day. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  And thank you from my wife and two young sons who got their husband and daddy back with a stronger understanding of good nutrition, a clear belief that he is no longer invincible, and who knows his health will be better and his hospital stay was shorter thanks to the dynamic professionals at [Clovis Community].

Jim Turpin