The magnitude of an Expansion like ours ...

Craig Castro: November 09, 20100 Comments

I recently had the pleasure of taking a group of community leaders and donor-investors through the construction site on a beautiful cool sunny day afternoon.  This is a group we’ve pulled together to keep abreast of the community’s perspective of the Clovis expansion project and help us generate private financial support.

I was reminded, once again, of the magnitude of the expansion project – but not in the usual way.

Trust me, I see the magnitude of this project everyday as the 2,000 tons of steel and the 10,000 cubic yards of concrete are distributed for the new parking garage almost complete, the 5-story bed tower and the addition of the emergency department expansion and seven new surgical suitesnow under way.  I feel the magnitude with the responsibility that is ultimately mine to realize the bold vision we have for Clovis Community Medical Center.  And, I hearfrom physicians and staff about the impact our newly transformed hospital campus will have on the way they treat and care for our patients.

But it’s also good to hear from members of our community –neighbors of the hospital who farm land nearby, folks who’ve had their children here or from someone who is planning for surgery and a hospital stay.  They, too, are interested in everything from how many individual workers we’ll have on the project (about 4,000 from start to finish) to where the paper towel dispensers will be located in the bathrooms (no, I’m not kidding).

I bet your friends and neighbors are interested too.  So tell them about what we are doing at Clovis Community.  I’ve provided a link to our Clovis Expansion information sheet below that provides a goodup-to-date summary of the project. Encourage them to visit our web site at, or pick up a brochure in our main lobby or visitor’s waiting rooms.  All provide great information and ways to support our expansion.

Then, let me know what you hear.  I’ll look forward to your feedback.

Clovis Community expansion fact sheet