A Legacy To Remember...

Craig Castro: March 19, 20120 Comments

I just attended the funeral services for a dear friend and Valley legend, Pete P. Peters. Uncle Pete, as many of us called him, was an incredible man that lived a very complete and generous life. He passed away on Tuesday, March 13, just two weeks prior to his 95th birthday and left all who knew him with only wonderful memories and a legacy that will live on as an honor to his quiet, humble, caring and detail-oriented traits.

I mention Uncle Pete being a detail-oriented man...he was a man after my own heart. I have a little story about him that came to mind today...it brings a tear to my eye while also bringing a smile to my face. I wanted to share what good times I had on his visits where he would just "stop by" to see us and find out how things were going. It goes like this.

We were (and still are) under construction here at Clovis Community Medical Center with a significant expansion. Dirt was being moved, signs were going up and heavy equipment was trolling about the hospital campus. I am very proud of all that we are achieving on our campus and as most people here know, I take great pride in the details. Well...so did Uncle Pete.

When Pete "stopped by" for a visit one day he noticed the welding on a new sign wasn't quite right and needed some touching up. Pete used to say whatever you do, do your very best. He went on to say, "Craig, this weld could be better." Although I pride myself on attending to the details, I had not noticed this particular weld. Needless to say, he knew all it would take was pointing it out in order to get my attention. The sign was fixed the next day!

Even the little things counted - the basic ethics he lived by his whole life. Do a job well. That's what I will strive to remember of my wonderful times with Uncle Pete. And, I will endeavor to emulate him at what he held so close to his heart - giving back to his community.

And even though I know he won't be stopping by on his visits anymore, I take great comfort in something he told me many times. He said, "always look forward and never look back...." Wise words from an extraordinary man.

The picture below is from an event last summer in which I was able to present Uncle Pete with a special award for all that he has done for our community.

I'd also like to share a video from a few years back where we got to hear from Uncle Pete about his generous donation to the Leon S. and Pete P. Peters Future Generations Center - enjoy!


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