Clovis WINS Recess '08!

Craig Castro: July 23, 20080 Comments

I think I speak for many of us when I say, "recess was my favorite subject in grammar school!"   Well, the first annual Community Medical Centers' Recess event was more fun than I ever imagined.  The event created friendly competition between the various CMC facilities and corporate office at various levels of the Save Mart Center.  It’s an honor to report that Clovis Community Medical Center (CCMC) WON FIRST PLACE  in the inaugural Recess event as the result of individual and team challenges that ranged from marbles and jacks to some intense volleyball.   Here are some of the SUPER STARS of winning CCMC Team!

Ginny Burdick, Chief Human Resource Officer presents Craig Castro, CEO CCMC 

“Individual” events:

Marbles:                              Connie Green – 1st Place


Four Square:                        Jennifer Scales – 1st Place

                                            Janet McQuillan – 2nd Place

                                            Wanda Coleman – 3rd Place


Jacks:                                   Susanne Sanchez – 1st Place

                                             Michelle Kempff – 3rd Place


Paper Airplane for Distance:

                                             Nestor Lardizabal – 1st Place

                                             Jeremy Borcherding – 2nd Place


Hula Hoop:                          Mary Huffman – 1st Place


Rock Wall Races:                Matthew Weldon – 1st Place ~ male champion

                                            Hayley Ripley – 1st Place ~ female champion


“Team” events:

Volleyball:                                                           Dodge Ball aka Team Yoshida:

                Chanell Leiker                                        Brandon Yoshida

                Ed Navarro                                             Francine De la Rosa

                Gustavo Casillas                                    Jordan Santiago

                Hayley Ripley                                         Jon Yoshida

                Jeremy Borcherding                               Mike Roqueta

                Josh Borcherding                                   Paul Yoshida

                Juan Contreras                                            

                Martin Perea

                Nestor Lardizabal

                Rachelle Miller

                Rose Marquez (Awesome Coach!)

                Walter Cruz

                Zujey Marquez