Clovis Expansion Continues - Glimpse into Future w/Virtual Tour!

Craig Castro: December 04, 20080 Comments

If you've visited or driven by the Clovis Community Medical Center (CCMC) campus lately you have noticed a flurry of construction activity underway relative to our exciting new Outpatient Center Expansion which we commonly refer to as Phase A in a multi-phased master campus expansion plan that is expected to span the next 5-years or so.

The Outpatient Center Expansion building foundation is being prepared now.  Steel beams will be erected in the next two months and we are on-track for the Phase A expansion to open in October 2009 ... this is less than 1-year away!!!    

The excitment continues as our overall expansion plans will continue to unfold in the years ahead.  Just to give you a glimpse into the future, I have attached a video link below which includes a virtual tour of our next phase.  Please let me know your thoughts!

Virtual Tour