Clovis Campus Update

Craig Castro: July 22, 20130 Comments

It's hard to believe that it has been over three years since construction crews first began work on the $300+ million, "Phase-B" building project that has transformed the Clovis campus. After moving patients into the new five-story bed tower on November 28, 2012, we did not waste any time in starting the renovation of the existing three-story bed tower that was originally built in 1987.

We've run into a few hurdles which took additional time and money to investigate and resolve, and this ultimately pushed our project completion date back by several months. The new target is to have our original three-story bed tower - which will look entirely new - back in use by June 2014. We expect another 40 inpatient beds to come online at that time. Some other parts of the project will take a little longer and we anticipate the entire project will be finished in November 2014.

Clovis' financial position remains solid, even after taking on the significant costs needed to support our growth. And patient satisfaction scores continue to climb despite the challenges associated with all the construction. Virtually every day I receive messages from patients and their families, thanking us for the care and compassion they experience. I'm so proud of our entire staff at Clovis who truly help to transform the patient experience. Obviously, our team understands that, at the end of the day, it's all about providing exceptional clinical quality, uncompromised safety, and a patient-centered experience.

One day last week I snapped this photo that shares a unique perspective
of this project. The plastic was temporarily removed and you could see
into the structure and tell that it is truly a shell.


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