Beautiful Things ...

Craig Castro: May 22, 20110 Comments

Despite all the hustle-bustle we face everyday I was able to pause a moment on the morning of May 10th to reflect on several "beautiful things!"

First, I awoke to a beautiful clear morning after the rain cleared away the Valley-haze and as I prepared for a visit from the Community Medical Centers Board of Trustees.  As I participated in the Board meeting from the Clovis Community Outpatient Care Conference Center I was one again reminded of how wonderful (beautiful!) it is to have a 15-member board that truly cares about our local region and community. The beautiful part of this thought is that these 15 dedicated and caring individuals made a very bold decision months ago to expand the capacity of Clovis Community Medical Center at a time when the economy remained so uncertain yet the need for capacity continued to grow. In short, the Board members not only CARE but consistently ACT to improve the QUALITY of life for our entire community.

Finally, the view from the window of the Board meeting was/is truly a beautiful sight as our $300m expansion project comes to fruition. The Board of Trustees pictured below along with a few members of the Community Medical Center executive team toured the new Bed Tower following the meeting. The new Bed Tower, Emergency Room, and additional Operating Rooms are expected to open in approximately 18 months. As we stood on the roof-top (90-feet high) the 360-degree view provides a truly beautiful experience with sights of:  the green foothills to the east, new housing developments and businesses to the north, the "city view" of downtown Clovis and landmarks of Fresno (Save Mart Center and the Federal Courts Building) are also visible to the southwest.

It is a beautiful thing and truly an honor to be part of a local health system with a fully empowered Board of Trustees and management team that CARES so much about our community and the QUALITY of life right here at home!

I hope you might take time after reading this to pause for moment and consider all the beautiful things we have to be grateful for ....