Barrier to Blogging?

Craig Castro: April 09, 20080 Comments

Okay ... it's been months since I've posted to my blog so I finally decided to sit down for a few minutes and confess (or rationalize!) my reasons for the delay.  I believe most of you who know me would agree I do not usually procrastinate and prefer to “get things done and done just right!”  One of my (many!) short-comings relates to wanting to “do things right!”  Some say this is an important trait while others call it a serious character defect.  It's difficult to aurgue that such a trait is not important in healthcare and other professions that require precision, attention to detail, and follow-up.   However, it is not required to be a good blogger!  In fact, it is a counter to “blog culture!”

It seems as though every time I have an idea for an interesting and note-worthy blog entry I don’t have ample time to prepare “well thought-out” content so the posting “is done just right!”  Blogs are intended to be spontaneous, brief, current and even imperfect.  It’s acceptable to find typos, fragmented sentences, and other “not-so-right” content … so, here’s to improved blogging (did I really just say that???!!!) and less worry about “doing it just right!”