Operation Terry’s House

Terry’s House is entirely dependent on private gifts and the contributions of donor-investors. Your support, through the annual giving program Operation Terry’s House, will help sustain the home’s daily operations and keep families close during their loved one’s recovery at Community Regional Medical Center.

Hopefully, you'll never need the services of Terry's House. But for those who do — loved ones, friends, employees and the entire community — please join in support of Operation Terry's House.

Read Grateful patient Tony Hoffert's Terry's House story.

Suggested Annual Giving Levels

$1,000 annual gift (min. 5 year term)

A gift at this level can help five families stay at Terry’s House for a week. They can stay in their own rooms, fix meals, wash their clothes and find support with others who are in the same situation.

$5,000 gift

We’ll keep the lights on! Paying the power bill might not sound like an “attractive” gift, but it certainly is necessary when you have 20 families each day looking for a safe and comfortable place to rest and recoup after helping their loved ones.

$10,000 gift

Just like a private home, things wear out, break and need replacement. But Terry’s House has 20 times the furniture and appliances of the typical home.

$25,000 Cornerstone Gift

Left out in the cold? Not at Terry’s House. Who can afford a month staying in an expensive hotel and surmounting living expenses? A gift at this level can help house 28 families at Terry’s House for a month.

For more information on suggested annual giving levels click here.

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For more information please call Katelyn Ashton at (559) 459-6047.