Clovis Expansion

Clovis Community Medical Center is transforming.

Today we’re trusted by local families as a convenient, friendly and clinically advanced hospital for a wide range of medical services. We're now in the midst of a massive expansion that will move an already-favorite hospital to an even higher level of care and service. This $300 million expansion and renovation project will nearly double the hospital’s capacity and make Clovis Community the only comprehensive hospital in the area with all-private rooms.

Help us expand our services

For more information, please call (559) 459-2670.

This is projected to be the single biggest job-creation project in Fresno County over the next few years and is among only a handful of major hospital expansions to be launched during this tough economic time.

You can be a part of the vision at Clovis Community with a private gift. Whether it is a $20 contribution or a major gift to name a part of the hospital, you can help by calling Community Medical Foundation at (559) 459-2670 or by giving online.