Surgery Day

Before surgery you will receive an IV to supply necessary medicines and fluids. You may begin receiving anesthesia through this tube. There will be other wires or tubes to monitor your body’s functions, remove excess fluid and help you breathe during surgery. Your hip and knee area will be scrubbed with a germ-killing soap. When the sterilization process is complete, your surgeon will begin.

Before Surgery

Your pre-admission visit:
Once your surgery has been scheduled, you will be invited to the hospital for a detailed pre-admission visit. Be sure to make a list of medications you are taking and bring it with you. This visit may also involve chest X-rays, an electrocardiogram (EKG), blood tests and a urine analysis.

You may be asked to:

What to Expect

Our dedicated team will be there every step of the way. Feel free to call us with any questions or concerns you might have about joint replacement surgery.

Before Surgery

Surgery Day

After Surgery

Surgery Options

Osteoarthritis stiffens joints, causing pain during normal daily activities. There are several surgeries that replace damaged and deteriorated joints with synthetic ones – enabling the joint to move normally. With a wide variety of materials and devices to choose from, our orthopedic surgeons can adapt the surgery to fit your specific needs.

Hip & Knee Replacement

If your daily activities, such as walking, working, shopping and recreation are being interrupted by pain, it may be time to explore hip or knee replacement. And we have the right team to help restore your normal, everyday life.

General Surgery

At our three major hospitals within the Community Medical Centers family, we offer a full range of surgical care – from cardiac and orthopedic surgery to neurological and cosmetic surgery. Our teams of highly trained doctors, nurses and medical professionals use the latest in surgical technology to increase the speed of patient recovery and reduce pain.

Hip & Knee Replacement

Has hip or knee pain forced you to give up things you love? With a nationally recognized reputation for successful minimally invasive surgeries, the Hip and Knee Replacement Program at Community Regional Medical Center is one of the top joint replacement programs in the country, receiving national 5-star ratings for the past three years from HealthGrades®, an independent rating organization.

Community Regional earns clinical excellence in several areas

Besides drawing patients from all over the region to its Neuroscience Center of Excellence, Community Regional Medical Center is also home to a joint replacement program, stroke program and Level 1 trauma center that have earned top marks in clinical quality from outside agencies.

Community Regional recognized for expertise in knee and hip replacement

Community Regional Medical Center, one of the top joint replacement programs in the country, recently was awarded Blue Distinction for knee and hip replacement by Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies.

'Gold Seal’ of approval for hip and knee replacements at Community Regional Medical Center

Community Regional Medical Center’s Total Joint Program has earned the Gold Seal of Approval™ for health care quality for hip and knee replacement surgery.