Cardiothoracic Surgery

Living without a pulse

Jose Zabalza, a 53-year-old father of three had been prepared to die this year as his heart began to give out and it became increasingly difficult just to walk across his living room. But new technology is giving him a second chance, and letting the Fresno man make tentative plans to camp again with his three children and spouse.

Cardiologists’ gift pumps up Clovis hospital and downtown services

California Heart Medical Associates (CHMA) pledged $100,000 last month to Community Medical Centers, targeting half for the Clovis Community Medical Center expansion and half for cardiovascular services at Community Regional Medical Center. 

Football great gives Fresno Heart & Surgical high marks

Daryle Lamonica, quarterback for the Oakland Raiders during the late 60s and early 70s, knows the value of a great team. And he’s grateful for the top-notch team at Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital who took care of him when he had quadruple heart bypass surgery in mid-May.

Angiogram helps find blockage

A man with a multitude of heart and vascular problems undergoes an angiogram in the catheterization lab.

Healthcare Heroes episode #1008.3

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Beating Heart Surgery

Performing heart surgery while a heart is still beating is not a new surgical technique. Find out why this technique is back in the forefront of cardiac surgery and learn more about its tremendous benefits to patients.

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Back in Rhythm

Learn how a Reedley man’s 25-year-old heart ailment was cured through the use of a high frequency ultrasound. Tune in to meet the doctor who is proud to be the first to offer this life changing technology in the Valley.

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A Hearty Welcome

Recover in style... The new cardiac unit that is giving patients more comfort than ever before, and where you can find it.

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Keeping Pace

Pacemakers are now smaller, easier to place and easier to maintain. Learn how its advancements have one Valley man keeping pace with life.

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Hearts of Fire

Watch how new technology allows clinical professionals, patients and families to watch open heart surgery live at Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital.

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Young at Heart

Age is no barrier when it comes to keeping folks young at heart. Hear how new procedures are reducing complications in medical conditions such as stroke and are allowing even 80- and 90-year-olds to successfully under-go cardiac valve surgery.

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