Congestive heart failure patients find new relief

Community Regional Medical Center was the first in the Valley to invest in the Aquadex FlexFlow systems that remove excess fluid from the patient with an advanced form of ultrafiltration called Aquapherisis therapy.

Ailing Heart

A man in the prime of his life learns his heart is failing. Can cardiologist Bipin Joshi discover why?

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Beating Heart Surgery

Performing heart surgery while a heart is still beating is not a new surgical technique. Find out why this technique is back in the forefront of cardiac surgery and learn more about its tremendous benefits to patients.

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It's all in the Wrist

Learn how valley doctors are using the wrist to help detect heart disease.

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Heart of the Matter

Discover how a Community Regional Medical Center cardiologist helped a Valley couple get down to the heart of the matter and back in the rhythm of life.

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Heart Savers

When an employee of the Fresno County Office of Education suffered an on-the-job heart attack, he nearly died. See how the efforts of his fellow employees, along with the resources of Community Regional Medical Center, helped save his life.

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A Heartfelt Thanks

Find out how a Fresno man was saved when the emergency medicine team worked to stabilize his heart in an effort to give him a lifesaving stent procedure.

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Heart Hazards

It’s no secret that bad air is bad for your lungs. Hear how one Valley cardiologist explains that it can also be hazardous to your heart.

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Doc with a Block

Taking his own advice to get an annual cardiac stress test starting at age 50 may have saved Dr. Richard Berquist’s life.

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A Hearty Welcome

Recover in style... The new cardiac unit that is giving patients more comfort than ever before, and where you can find it.

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