With three acute-care hospitals and numerous other facilities, Community Medical Centers has volunteer openings in many locations.

We have more than 1,000 volunteers including high school students, college interns, business professionals, retirees and others.

Young adults, 14 years of age and older, are encouraged to join Community's Junior Volunteer Program. Volunteering teaches responsibility, helps polish professional skills and provides on-the-job experience to examine careers in the health-care field. Most importantly, it gives young people an opportunity to share their time and talents with others. Youth with two letters of recommendation from school officials should submit an application and request an interview.

Whether you are seeking practical work experience in a supportive setting or just want to reach out and help others,our volunteer opportunities can meet your needs. Though no volunteer experience guarantees employment, volunteering will expose you to professional opportunities that exist in the health care field.

We do our best to match volunteers with areas that interest them most. If you want to become a Community volunteer, please complete and submit the application on this page.